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Ranch Triangle Real Estate


RANCH Triangle is an affluent neighborhood within the Lincoln Park community area, often associated with neighboring DePaul.

RANCH is an acronym, but for what exactly is not clear. Some say it stands for Racine, Armitage, North and Clybourn avenues, and Halsted Street, which are the neighborhood’s major thoroughfares. Others say RANCH stands for the Chicago River, Halsted Street, and the Armitage, Cortland and North Avenues, which border the neighborhood.

RANCH Triangle is a historic neighborhood, which started out as a largely commercial district. During the 1870s-80s Center Street (known today as Armitage Avenue) was at the heart of the area’s bustling retail trade, with an electrified trolley running up and down. In 1900 the Armitage El station opened, and today it is one of the oldest stations in the U.S. in continuous operation.

Today, RANCH Triangle is still a busy commercial district, but one that has also become a highly sought-after residential neighborhood. Most businesses here can be found along its boundaries in the traditionally commercial districts of Armitage, North Avenue, Halsted, and Clybourn.

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Quick Facts

  • Based on the latest Census estimates, over 40% of RANCH Triangle residents belong to a wealthy household, and 30% belong to the upper middle class.
  • Family households make up a little over 30% of the population.
  • The CTA red line runs through RANCH with stops at North/Clybourn and Armitage. Just east of the Kennedy, RANCH is very accessible.
  • Adams Park provides the community with green space, a fieldhouse and a playground.
  • RANCH is home to the prestigious Steppenwolf Theater.


  • Skinner North Classical School
  • Manierre Elementary School
  • LaSalle Elementary Language Academy
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Mayer Elementary School
  • Newberry Math & Science Academy
  • Noble Academy High School
  • CICS – ChicagoQuest High School
  • Lincoln Park High School
  • Ranch-Triangle
  • Ranch-Triangle
  • Ranch-Triangle
  • Ranch-Triangle

Real Estate Options

Real estate in RANCH Triangle is primarily made up of vintage greystones, brick homes, and flats a few decades old, and newly built condominiums and apartments with state-of-the-art amenities.

Housing types range from stately single-family homes to row houses to high rise condos. Sizes also vary widely, giving buyers plenty of options.

As the commercial and residential areas are distinctly separated, RANCH Triangle homes sit on peaceful, tree-lined streets, ideal for families and singles who want a respite from the busy Chicago lifestyle.

Many of the properties here are undeniably upscale, with features such as chef’s kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, and spacious terraces or rooftop gardens.


Dining, Nightlife, and Shopping

RANCH Triangle’s commercial districts, particularly the Armitage-Halsted area, are brimming with restaurants, shops and nightlife spots.


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