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DePaul Real Estate


A subsection of the larger Lincoln Park area just east of DePaul University, the DePaul area encompasses a small, mostly residential area of about 10 blocks between Diversey and Fullerton Avenues. Compact and walkable, DePaul is a vibrant college-town neighborhood with properties that command high prices.

Situated right in the heart of Lincoln Park just five miles north of downtown Chicago, DePaul provides easy access to attractions and public transportation. Aside from students and faculty, DePaul is also the home of young professionals and families who enjoy the area’s charm and tranquility, walking-distance access to Lincoln Park, excellent school options, and proximity to downtown.

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De Paul

De Paul



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Lincoln Park

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Quick Facts

  • The median household income in DePaul is twice that of Chicago’s median (as of 2013 Census estimates)
  • DePaul University was founded in 1898, and is the largest Catholic university in the country
  • There are two parks in DePaul neighborhood, Oz Park, and Trebes Park


  • DePaul University
  • Agassiz Elementary School
  • LaSalle Elementary Language Academy
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
  • Alcott College Prep East – Elementary Campus
  • Oscar Mayer Magnet School
  • Lincoln Park High School
  • CICS – ChicagoQuest North
  • Newberry Math & Science Academy
  • Depaul
  • Depaul
  • Depaul
  • Depaul

Real Estate Options

Like the rest of Lincoln Park, DePaul offers a variety of housing stock, from single-family homes to row homes to medium and high-rise condos.

You can find plenty of original brownstones in the area, which have either remained single-family homes, or have been converted into duplexes and multi-family dwellings.

The neighborhood also boasts vintage stately mansions that command a high price on the market, as well as original row houses that have been converted into townhomes with modern amenities.

There are also some new construction options. New condominiums are planned for the area, including the Webster Square luxury condos and two luxury apartment buildings on the site of the former Children’s Memorial Hospital.