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First-Time Homebuyers: What to Expect

Buying your own home is a part of the American dream, something to strive for. But the home-purchasing process can sometimes seem intimidating for first-time buyers, with so much to think about and consider. But first-time homebuyers actuall...

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How to Sell Your Home Online: And Why You’re Better Off Working with a Good Real Estate Agent

If you’re selling your home today, you’re selling your home online. You want maximum exposure for your listing so you can command the best price, and thanks to the internet, the whole world can view your property in all its glory. The bi...

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Home prices are rising in these Chicago neighborhoods

Chicago homeowners expecting real estate values in the city to rise to their pre-2006 values may be in for a longer wait. According to Realtor.com, economists predict that home prices in the area will rise only about 1.95% in 2017, below the na...

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Real estate trends to know before selling your Chicago home

Now is a good time to sell your Chicago home. The city has been a seller’s market for quite some time, and while this is happening in many other parts of the United States, the trend is even more pronounced in Chicago. As of November 2016...

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Home?

As soon as you’re financially ready to buy a home, it’s time for you to think about the best time for your purchase. There’s really no clear-cut “perfect” time to purchase a home, as there will always be certain factors and variabl...

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Home Remodeling ROI: What Pays and What Don’t

Home Remodeling ROI: What Projects Pay Off Big Time...And what Don't Thinking about making improvements on your home with the aim of increasing its resale value? Well, certain projects are better investments than others. This handy graphic wil...

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