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4 Fall Pest Control To-dos for Homeowners

Featured image by Steven Huntley In our last post, we talked about Chicago-area farmers markets to visit this summer. Many of the markets are open through the end of October, so stop by to grab some tasty produce for fall dishes like soups and roasts. For many families, fall brings football, grilling and raking leaves. Along with mowing the lawn for the last time this year, it’s also a good idea to perform some preventative pest control to keep your house free of insects and rodents. Here are four tips to get you started toward a pest-free fall and winter.

1. Prune Plants

Many insects make their webs and nests in plants and use flora as highways to travel through the yard. Homeowners should install and prune all plants, trees and shrubs so they remain at least two feet away from the house and garage. Following this simple step will prevent bugs from trying to get inside. You’ll have fewer insects like termites and stink bugs inside by making it more difficult for them to get to the building. Photo by r. nial bradshaw

2. Seal Cracks and Holes

In early fall, it’s essential to seal cracks and holes around the home exterior to limit heat exchange and promote better energy efficiency. Additionally, at this time, many bugs and rodents are making their way inside to cozy up for the colder months. Caulking house siding cracks and stuffing steel wool around pipes in the foundation walls can prevent pests from entering the house.

3. Get a Professional Pest Inspection

While homeowners often notice ants crawling in the kitchen or moths in the pantry, many pests are less noticeable. Consider scheduling a professional pest inspection during late summer or early fall to have an expert assess the home. They’ll look around the exterior for entry points for termites, spiders and rodents before heading indoors. There, the technician will inspect from the attic to the basement, pinpointing potential signs of habitation like termite tubes or mouse droppings. Finally, the inspector will provide an evaluation noting their findings and customized recommendations to prevent and address pest activity as the season changes.

4. Upgrade Ventilation

Many people have centipedes, silverfish and earwigs in their basements and attics. These bugs like moisture and flock to these areas because they often have high humidity - even in the colder months. Make your home less hospitable to insects - and moisture-loving mold- by installing ample ventilation. Have an electrician update attic, kitchen and bathroom fans and hood ventilation to mitigate condensation and limit the reasons pests may be attracted to the house.

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4 Fall Pest Control To-dos for Homeowners